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Three-year Assistant Professor in Classical Archaeology in Past Social Networks

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< img src="" class="ff-og-image-inserted" > The Centre for Urban Network Evolutions( UrbNet ), part of the School of Culture and Society at Aarhus University, is seeking to combine and broaden its research and instructional activities within the field of Classical Archaeology. We welcome applications for an assistant professorship within this field.The position will be available from 01/01/2023 or as soon as possible thereafter and will be of restricted period up until 31/12/2025.

The assistant professorship is a full-time 3 year position. The position includes research study and a minimal amount of mentor (concurred upon with PI and Head of Department).

Location of work: Aarhus University, Centre for Urban Network Evolutions (UrbNet), Campus Moesgaard, Denmark.The university wants its staff to reflect the variety of society and thus welcomes applications from all qualified applicants despite their individual background.Research The assistant professor will be part of the research study


The Past Social Networks Project: The very first open online repository for network data of ancient social relationships ‘, headed by Principal Investigator Associate Professor Tom Brughmans and funded by the Carlsberg Foundation.The Past Social Networks Project is an interdisciplinary job that draws on classical archaeology, network science, history and computer technology. How do contemporary social networks vary from those in the past, and how have these structures changed over centuries? The secret to these important questions lies with archaeological and historic network research, offering the product and textual sources that document interactions in between past individuals. But addressing such questions is currently hampered by a variety of difficulties: past social media information are rarely being made open gain access to and a methodological pipeline for comparative studies of centuries-long modification in past socials media is missing out on. The Past Social Networks Project aims to deal with these challenges.The effective candidate will be expected to contribute to core activities at the School of Culture and Society and Aarhus University in general and to enhance UrbNet’s research activities and output in particular. They will be anticipated to take an interest in interdisciplinary research study collaboration within UrbNet, the Department of History and Classical Studies research study programs, the School of Culture and Society, the Faculty of Arts, and beyond.The successful applicant will likewise be expected to establish brand-new research study projects with internal and external partners and to raise external research funding.The applicant’s research activities will be assessed

in relation to research time. We therefore motivate candidates to define any periods of research study leave they may have taken( for instance maternity/paternity leave )so that we can take these periods into consideration when assessing research productivity.The position The position is offered with a view to drawing in skilled candidates with an exceptional and well-documented performance history in ingenious and worldwide identified research in Digital Humanities and an expertise in Classical Archaeologyor History.The effective

candidate and the PI share obligation for the project’s work plan worrying the restoration of past social networks from ancient Latin or Greek engravings. This involves the collection of information through computer scripting from open gain access to online databases and prosopographical studies, with a focus on business, professional/political and kinship info about people in the Roman Empire exposed through inscriptions. Due date: 28 June 2022 Click Here to Apply For The Job



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