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Tenure-Track Position at the Rank of Lecturer or Assistant Professor in the Field of Drama and Theatre Studies

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The University of Cyprus invites applications for one (1) tenure-track position at the rank of Lecturer or Assistant Professor in the Department of English Studies, in the field of “Drama and Theatre Studies”. More specifically, we are seeking a candidate to teach courses both at an undergraduate and a graduate level from the 18th to the 21st centuries, including Introduction to the Study of Drama and Modern Drama courses. The successful candidate needs to have a historical perspective of the development of theatre and should be able to address issues pertaining to the formal and theoretical interpretation of theatre.

For all academic ranks, a Doctoral degree from an accredited University is required.

The minimum requirements for each academic rank are available at and include: previous academic experience, outstanding research achievements and notable scientific contributions, experience in developing and teaching of high quality undergraduate and graduate curricula.

Candidates do not need to be citizens of the Republic of Cyprus.

The official languages of the University of Cyprus are Greek and Turkish. The language of instruction at the Department of English Studies is English. For the position advertised, excellent knowledge of English is necessary. Very good knowledge of Greek would be an asset.

In case the selected candidate is not proficient in the Greek language, the candidate and the Department shall ensure that the former acquires sufficient knowledge of the Greek language within 3 years from the date of appointment. Each Department sets its own criteria concerning the required level of fluency in the Greek language.

Candidates are invited to submit their applications electronically at the following link: here

For more detailed information on the process of application and the full list of documents requested please visit: here

No change will be possible following the submission of your application.

The deadline for applications is on Monday 17th of October 2022.

The selected applicants will be required to submit copies of degree certificates certified by the Ministry of Education (if the degrees were obtained from universities in Cyprus) or from the Issuing Authority (if the degrees were obtained from foreign universities).

Applications, supporting documents and recommendation letters submitted in response to previous vacancy announcements will not be considered and must be resubmitted.

Applications not providing all the required documents specified in the online application form at the above link will not be considered.

The applicant shall ensure that their application has been successfully submitted. Upon submission, the candidate will receive an automated confirmation email.

For more information, please contact the Department of English Studies (+357 22 89 2102) or the Human Resources Services (tel.: 00357 22 89 4146).

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