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Teaching Fellow in Urban Sustainability

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Campus: South Kensington Campus

Job Summary

To undertake teaching activities to support the teaching and learning activities in the Centre for Environmental Policy. The CEP’s long-running course “MSc in Environmental Technology” provides the highest standard of knowledge and skills development for environmental and sustainability specialists. A major emphasis of the course is on the way that environments function and on the compatible tools, alternative technologies and policies for sustainable management.

You will primarily be responsible for co-convening, teaching and learning activities on the “Urban Sustainable Environment” Option (USE) of the MSc in Environmental Technology. You will also teach across our other specialist Options, as appropriate, and help develop new education programmes as part of wider department strategy.

The Urban Sustainable Environments Option (USE). 

This option introduces students to the relationship between urban environments, their functionality and several key aspects of human health. Recognising the challenges of urban growth worldwide, we address the ‘workings’ of cities to identify important and often challenging urban sectors such as energy, water, waste, transport and land use planning, and assess the interplay between the built, natural and social environments. 

Proposed solutions are considered which include technological approaches, such as for smart mobility, land use planning practices such as greenspace provision, transport policies such as active travel infrastructure, and societal engagement to ensure citizen buy-in. In asking ‘how can cities be smart cities?’, the relationships between the individual, government and the environment in each sector considers the participation of these actors in the solutions to urban challenges. 

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Duties and responsibilities

Teaching and Learning Support

  • To teach as a member of a teaching team within an established programme of study
  • To co-convene the USE Option
  • To give lectures, seminars and tutorial to Master’s students on the MSc Environmental Technology course
  • To develop own teaching materials, methods and approaches with guidance where appropriate
  • To design, organise and run field trips

Career Development

  • Undertake a programme of training to develop expertise in education as necessary e.g. PG Certificate in University Learning and Teaching or equivalent.
  • Contribute to departmental publications (for example course guides, websites, newsletters etc.) when requested.

Administration and other activities

  • To undertake duties related to course administration, including organisation of teaching activities under direction, attendance records, Health & Safety matters relating to teaching and student thesis projects.
  • To assist in the admissions process

Essential requirements

  • A PhD degree, or equivalent professional qualification, and interest in a topic related to Urban Sustainable Environments.
  • Recent experience in teaching a relevant subject in a higher education institution
  • Proven ability and achievements in a broad range of teaching.
  • A specialist knowledge in the relevant discipline, demonstrated by appropriate publications
  • A working knowledge of teaching methods and techniques within your area.
  • Familiarity with a variety of strategies to promote and assess teaching.

Further Information

This a full-time, open-ended position, based at South Kensington Campus.

We would also consider job share or part-time working arrangements on a case-by-case-basis. You should specify your preference for a full-time or part-time position as part of your personal statement.

Should you have any queries please contact:

Dr Audrey Nazelle – [email protected]   

Dr Tilly Collins – [email protected]

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