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Research Associate in Quantum Information Processing

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We are seeking a seeking a talented and motivated postdoctoral research associate to undertake research in photonic quantum information technologies with a focus on error handling in both near-term quantum computers such as Gaussian Boson Samplers, and forthcoming universal photonic quantum computers. The work will be experimental in nature, although a proclivity for theoretical quantum optics will be deemed an advantage.

The successful applicant will perform experiments to demonstrate error mitigation and error-correction. The post holder will work as part of a team to 1) build high-gain squeezed light sources, 2) work with collaborators in industry and academia to mitigate loss in integrated photonic circuits, 3) investigate error mitigation and correction strategies for near-term and forthcoming photonic quantum computing devices, 4) study the suitability of these strategies for specific use cases such as Gaussian Boson Sampling and its applications and measurement-based approaches to fault-tolerant quantum computing and 5) use squeezed light sources and photon-number resolving detection to engineer non-Gaussian states relevant to Bosonic error-correction codes.

It is essential to the project that you have the following:

  • A PhD (or near completion) in quantum optics
  • Proven research experience in experimental quantum optics
  • Have demonstrated ability in working with non-linear sources of squeezed light and photon detection

Queries relating to the position should be directed to Raj Patel, [email protected]

Should you have queries regarding the application process please contact Judith Baylis, [email protected]

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