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Research Assistant – Development of New Rating Schemes for Bicycle Helmets and Industrial Safety Helmet

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Location: South Kensington, London, UK

Job Summary

The primary responsibility of this exciting and unique role is to participate in an ongoing project focused on developing new rating schemes for evaluating the protective performance of industrial safety helmets and bicycle helmets. 

Aim 1: Industrial workers are at risk of life-changing brain injuries due to falls from height, slips and impacts from falling objects. Safety helmet is the only equipment for head protection. Our preliminary work has determined the representative head impact conditions in workplace environments resulted from trips and falls. The aim of this project is to test a range of industrial helmets with different design features. You will lead on testing helmets, analysing data and disseminating results, and you will have close collaboration with experienced researchers throughout the project. This work will lead to a robust method for impact testing industrial helmets, which will constitute the first phase of an effort towards developing a rating method for industrial helmets. The sustainable deployment of the rating will lead to a reduction in fatal and lifechanging head injuries in industrial settings through encouraging better helmet designs and enabling informed choices by consumers. 

Aim 2: We have been developing a new rating scheme for bicycle helmets. We have already developed a test protocol and evaluated 30 different bicycle helmets available in the UK market using this new rating scheme. You will lead on expanding the rating by testing additional models, analysing data and disseminating the results. Furthermore, we have a collaboration with an innovative small-to-medium enterprise (SME) focused on developing novel bicycle helmets. As part of our team, you will work closely with the SME to evaluate their prototypes and contribute to enhancing their design. 

The Research Assistant will carry out research programmes in Biomechanics of Injury, which involves testing a range of helmets and analysing the results to determine risk of head injuries. They will be expected to collaborate effectively with scientists and engineers within our industrial partners. The Research Assistant will also be expected to contribute to preparing manuscripts for publication in world-leading journals and contribute to organising a workshop. 

Duties and responsibilities

Research Duties:

  • To take initiatives in the planning of research
  • To perform impact tests on a range of helmets
  • To conduct an analysis of the test data
  • To ensure the validity and reliability of the results
  • To maintain accurate and complete records of all findings
  • To collaborate with partner industries for the successful delivery of the project 
  • To attend project meetings held nationally or internationally
  • To contribute to publications in high quality journals and to present the work at meetings
  • To develop contacts and research collaborations within the College and the wider community
  • To promote the reputation of the Group, the Department and the College
  • To conduct and plan own scientific work with appropriate supervision
  • To assist in the supervision of undergraduate research students as required
  • To comply with the College, Division, and Unit safety practices and to attend courses on safety when appropriate
  • Any other duties as may be deemed reasonable by Head of group as well as Head of Department

Other Duties: 

  • To undertake any necessary training and/or development
  • To undertake appropriate administration tasks
  • To attend relevant meetings

Please refer to the Job Description for essential and desired requirements.

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