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Postdoctoral Training Fellow – BRCA1/2 Functional Genomics (Prof Chris Lord) (ID270)

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Key Information Income: Starting wage ₤ 38,607 – ₤ 41,716 depending on appropriate Postdoctoral experience. Future development is based upon annual performance review. If the prospect has actually not yet been awarded their PhD, the beginning wage will be at ₤ 32,844 until the effective completion of their viva.

Duration of Contract: Fixed Term for 3 years

Hours each week: 35 hours weekly (Full Time)

Job Details

Research Lead: Professor Chris Lord

Summary of Role

We are seeking an imaginative and inspired Postdoctoral Training Fellow to study the development, avoidance and treatment of PARP inhibitor resistance in breast and ovarian cancer. PARP inhibitor resistance can emerge through a variety of paths, but the most well-described scientific mechanism is via reversion anomalies that restore the function of BRCA1/2 ( Pettitt et al., Cancer Discovery 2020;

The proposed project intends to experimentally characterise BRCA reversion mutations, to figure out whether particular pathogenic mutations confer various risks of reversion, and whether hereditary background, treatment program or other interventions can customize reversion risk. This will require the use of high throughput “tiling” CRISPR mutagenesis (Pettitt et al. Nat Comms 2018), insights from computational analysis of reversions (Pettitt et al. Cancer Discovery 2021) and small particle DDR inhibitors which may modulate reversion development (Zatreanu et al. Nat Comms 2021). Designs used will include cell lines, PDX, PDO and syngeneic mouse models, in addition to analysis of sequencing information from human biopsies and ctDNA. The post would match a prospect with strong CRISPR practical genomics, high throughput cell culture and/or DDR experience.

Secret Requirements

The effective candidate should have significant experience in cell and molecular biology, tissue culture and with genome editing technologies (e.g. CRISPR-Cas9).

The ICR has a workforce arrangement stating that Postdoctoral Training Fellows can only be used for up to 7 years as PDTF at the ICR, supplying total postdoctoral experience (including previous employment at this level elsewhere) does not surpass 10 years

Department/Directorate Information:

The Gene Function Laboratory, led by Prof. Chris Lord, focuses upon identifying and comprehending tumour particular dependencies, such as artificial deadly effects, as a way to create novel techniques to treating cancer. We have actually made major advances in identifying synthetic deadly interactions involving, for instance, PARP inhibitors (Farmer et al Nature (2005 ), Edwards et al Nature (2008 ), Bajrami et al, Cancer Research (2014 )), ATR inhibitors (Williamson et al, Nature Communications (2016 )) and ROS1 inhibitors (Bajrami et al, Cancer Discovery (2018 )). We intend to create pre-clinical details that can notify the design of scientific trials and the identification of novel targets for drug discovery programmes.

The Breast Cancer Now Toby Robins Research Centre at the ICR is the first centre in the UK totally dedicated to breast cancer research. Our objective is to advance research study into the causes, medical diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. It is located in modern laboratory space, with exceptional core facilities and financing.

We motivate all applicants to access the job pack attached for more comprehensive info concerning this role. For a casual discussion regarding the function, please contact Stephen Pettitt through email ([email protected]!.?.!) Click Here to Apply For The Job



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