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Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Human Geography – Political Ecology in Latin America (100% for 3 years)

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The Development Geography and Environmental Governance Research Group in the Department of Geography at the University of Bonn is seeking to recruit a full-time Postdoctoral research fellow in Human Geography, in the area of Political Ecology in Latin America, as soon as possible for a period of three years (with the possibility of extension). 

The research group led by Prof. Jessica Budds explores processes of socio-ecological change and how they shape the lives, livelihoods, landscapes, and identities of local people, primarily in the Global South. Through a broadly-defined political ecology approach, we are particularly interested in understanding how socio-ecological change is shaped by political and/or economic power relations at different spatial and temporal scales, as well as how the forms that socio-ecological change takes may consolidate existing power structures and discourses. 

We invite applications from post-doctoral researchers with training in the area of critical social science (e.g. political ecology, postcolonial theory, feminist approaches) to contribute to conceptual and empirical research on environmental governance within the context of political-economic change and climate change in Latin America. Research will centre on two main themes: the transformation of nature-society relations within post-neoliberal environmental governance, especially in relation to water (hydrosocial relations); and the production of social vulnerability and resilience through urban infrastructure and governance.   

Job description, person specification, and application process can be found by clicking the ‘Apply’ button

The University of Bonn is an equal opportunities employer.

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