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Postdoctoral Research Associate – Identifying Common And Structural Genetic Variants Driving Genetic Associations With Major Depressive Disorder

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Contact information: Jonathan Coleman, [email protected]!.?.! Job description We are seeking

a passionate postgraduate with an interest in the biology of psychological health and PhD in genes, computer technology, or an associated analytical field. The effective candidate will conduct fine-mapping analyses to identify causal hereditary variants (consisting of typical and structural variants) in significant depressive condition and validate these lead to sequence information from the UK Biobank. The successful candidate will report to Dr Jonathan Coleman and will form part of his expanding research group concentrated on connecting statistical genes to biology in mental health disorders. The group is based in the Social, Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry( SGDP )Centre, part of the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience. We team up thoroughly with other research groups taking a look at the analytical genes of mental health disorders, both at the SGDP and internationally. Especially, the effective candidate will work closely with Dr Alfredo Iacoangeli and his bioinformatics group to extend analyses and take a look at structural variations. The effective applicant will conduct research study building on just recently recognized associations between genetic versions and significant depressive condition.

You will work carefully with the manager to broaden an existing fine-mapping pipeline and use it to the most recent hereditary information on significant depressive disorder from the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium. You will team up with coworkers in bioinformatics and with the statistical genes community at the SGDP Centre, and will seek advice from cell biologists at the broader Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Neuroscience. These analyses will even more our understanding of the biology of significant depressive condition, a fundamental action in enhancing future treatments. The SGDP Centre strives to supply a diverse research study environment that is open, welcoming and supportive to all. Faculty-wide efforts are supported by an active Diversity & Inclusion Team.

We especially welcome applications from individuals relating to identities and backgrounds under-represented in academia. This post will be offered on a fixed-term agreement & for 16 months This is a full-time post- 100% full-time equivalent, but applications for a part-time role are welcomed. Click Here to Apply For The Job



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