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Postdoctoral Fellow, Priming T Cell Responses Against Tumour-associated Antigens (Prof Alan Melcher)

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Key Information Wage: Dependent on pertinent Postdoctoral experience. Future progression is based upon annual performance evaluation. If the candidate has actually not yet been granted their PhD, the starting wage will be at ₤ 32,844 until the successful completion of their viva.

Duration of Contract: Fixed Term up until 31st July 2025

Hours per week: 35 hours per week (Full Time)

Closing Date: 3rd July 2022

Job Details

Research Lead: Professor Alan Melcher

Summary of Role

We are looking for a creative and inspired Postdoctoral Training Fellow to study the activation of human anti-tumour T cell responses using pre-clinical in vitro assays. This post will concentrate on the molecular biology of characterising and checking the immunogenicity of specific breast cancer target proteins and peptides in human naïve and recall T cell priming assays. The effective candidate will examine in detail functional T cell reactions, and the TCR collection of the primed cytotoxic T cells. They will likewise broaden on previous work within the group on oncolytic virus and mRNA-based vaccination strategies, establishing alternative restorative vaccination techniques versus these targets. This job will link closely to other employee looking at complementary murine design systems, and studying samples gathered from clients. This post will be strategically connected to Breast Cancer Now-funded research in immunology and immunotherapy at KCL, with which there will be close interaction.

This position is used on a fixed term agreement until July 2025 in the first circumstances. Beginning income remains in the series of ₤ 32,844 * to ₤ 41,718 per annum inclusive based on previous postdoctoral experience.

* thesis sent, awaiting PhD award

Secret Requirements

The effective prospect should know cancer biology and cancer immunology in addition to a strong record in biomedical research study as demonstrated by high-impact, very first author publications.

The ICR has a labor force contract mentioning that Postdoctoral Training Fellows can just be employed for up to 7 years as PDTF at the ICR, supplying overall postdoctoral experience (including previous employment at this level somewhere else) does not surpass 10 years

Department/Directorate Information:

The Breast Cancer Immunology team is led by Alan Melcher and looks at ways to trigger the body immune system to attack breast cancer utilizing therapeutic oncolytic infections, radiotherapy, targeted drugs and mix techniques. The representatives we prioritise are already in clinical use and deal significant possible advantages to additional improve the appealing field of immunotherapy. We use a variety of mouse and human pre-clinical assays to test the immune action following our interventions.

The Breast Cancer Immunology team becomes part of the Division of Breast Cancer Research and sits within the Breast Cancer Now Toby Robins Research Centre at the ICR, the very first centre in the UK completely dedicated to breast cancer research study. Our objective is to advance research study into the causes, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. The Breast Cancer Immunology team collaborates with the Breast Cancer Now Research Unit based at King’s College London (KCL).

We encourage all applicants to access the job pack attached for more detailed details concerning this function. For a casual conversation regarding the role, please contact Pip Wilkinson vis e-mail on [email protected]!.?.! Click Here to Apply For The Job



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