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PhD Scholarship at DIIS and RUC on the EU’s Development Cooperation

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The 3-year, fully funded PhD scholarship is to focus on one of the following topics: Policy making and implementation in Brussels as well as at country level preferably in Africa; the interaction between EU development cooperation and policy fields such as migration, trade, security, etc.; or the relationship between EU development cooperation and international normative changes, including the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The scholarship will commence on 1 September 2022 or shortly thereafter and is financed by the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) and the Department of Social Sciences and Business (ISE), Roskilde University (RUC), where the candidate will also be enrolled.

About DIIS, Roskilde University and the position

The position is co-financed by DIIS and ISE, and the candidate will be employed with DIIS while enrolled at the Doctoral School of Social Sciences and Business, RUC. The candidate will spend the three first semesters primarily at RUC and the three last semesters primarily at DIIS.

Both institutions emphasise the development of academic and multidisciplinary research. You will become part of an inspiring, vivid knowledge environment at institutions that aim to be at the forefront of multidisciplinary research. At ISE you will get the chance to teach university students while at DIIS you will be able to acquaint yourself with policy analysis and dissemination on global affairs. It is essential that you are ready to engage in cross-disciplinary cooperation and value input from colleagues with different approaches, as mixing different disciplinary backgrounds and theoretical approaches is essential at the two institutions. As a PhD candidate, you will contribute to the thematic and theoretical development of research at both institutions. You will be jointly supervised by a senior staff member at Roskilde University as well as a senior staff member at DIIS. The scholarship is to result in a PhD thesis in one of the following topics:

  • Development policy making and implementation in Brussels as well as at country level, preferably in Africa.
  • The interaction between EU development cooperation and policy fields such as migration, trade, security, etc.
  • The relationship between EU development cooperation and international normative changes, including the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals.

We expect the candidate to:

  • have obtained a master’s degree in a relevant field
  • meet the general requirements for being accepted for enrolment as a PhD candidate at Roskilde University (see below)
  • have research-related qualifications and interests
  • preferably have some experience with analysis and policy work
  • be a skilled communicator in both written and oral English

DIIS as a workplace

We offer an attractive and inclusive workplace where our employees can develop. We consider knowledge sharing and feedback essential to creating a dynamic workplace. We expect you to participate proactively in the common efforts of the institute. We prioritize a high degree of presence but want our employees to have a good work-life balance. Therefore, we offer flexible working hours and some possibility of working from home. We are located in Copenhagen’s new waterfront city district, Nordhavn, approx. 3 km from the city centre with excellent public transportation options.

DIIS is a diverse workplace, and we encourage all qualified candidates to apply for this position regardless of their personal background. DIIS is also a workplace where we consider the environmental consequences of our activities and strive to adopt more environmentally sustainable practices both in relation to our daily business at DIIS and our global travel activities.

The Doctoral School at ISE

You will be enrolled as a PhD fellow at the Doctoral School of Social Sciences and Business with approximately 30 PhD fellows from all over the world. ISE provides PhD training and research within an interdisciplinary, international, and professional environment. It is part of a dynamic community of researchers who share a commitment to understanding society in diverse contexts of change and global engagement. Researchers come from all over the world and engage in topics that are geographically, theoretically, and methodologically diverse The Doctoral School has one PhD program. The program offers work in progress seminars, thematic professional development seminars, feedback, and social activities for the enrolled PhD fellows.

As a PhD fellow you are trained at an international level to undertake research and teaching assignments. You are responsible for carrying out independent research under supervision and receive constructive feedback in the PhD program to finish your PhD thesis. During your employment you are required to take 30 ECTS of course work, gain experience of teaching activities and have a stay at another research environment in Denmark or abroad. For more information, please see see chapter 3, Ministerial Order on the PhD Program at the Universities and Certain Higher Artistic Educational Institutions and the PhD protocol in the Danish state sector.

In the assessment regarding enrolment, consideration will be given to the following criteria:

Contract and renumeration

The position as PhD candidate starts on 1 September 2022 or shortly thereafter and is a 3-year fulltime position, in which you may expect some travel activity. Renumeration and other job conditions follow the general agreement between the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (AC) and the Danish Ministry of Finance, local collective agreements at DIIS as well as the 28 June 2019 Danish state protocol on PhD candidates. As such, the normal starting salary for a PhD Candidate at DIIS is 340,390 DKK per year excl. pensions – this may be increased depending on prior work experience after the acquisition of the master’s degree. A pension contribution of 17.1 % is added to the above-mentioned salary.

Do you want to know more?

Visit our website to learn more about DIIS as a workplace via Apply button. Questions regarding employment and renumeration can be sent to [email protected]. If you have inquiries regarding the professional focus of the position, you can contact Senior Researcher and Head of Research Unit, Lars Engberg-Pedersen at [email protected]. If you have inquiries regarding the doctoral school, please consult the PhD coordinator Annika Mogensen at [email protected], or alternatively Professor, Head of the doctoral school Hanne Marlene Dahl at [email protected].  

The application

Deadline for applying is Sunday, 30 June 2022 at 24:00 CET (23:00 BST).

Please note that we only accept applications through DIIS’ electronic recruitment system.

Your application must include all the following documents:

  1. A motivational letter
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV/résumé)
  3. Master’s diploma including grades. If you hold a master’s degree which is not within the ECTS-framework, please also provide:
    • Your bachelor diploma and bachelor grades
    • A statement clarifying the subject and length (in years) of the master’s degree
    • An English translation of your diplomas
  4. PhD project proposal (max 5 pages)
  5. A provisional project plan, incl. suggestions on relevant international contacts and possible research institution abroad
  6. Publication list, if any
  7. Documentation of policy work and scientific dissemination (media participation etc.), if any

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