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Departmental Societies Manager

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About the job

Students’ Union UCL is an organisation that exists to make more happen. We are the representative body for University College London’s (UCL) students, one of the most diverse student communities in the world. We are one of the largest student-led organisations in the UK and a charity with over 50,000 members, 300 staff and an annual turnover of more than £12m.

It’s an exciting time to join our growing organisation as we implement our new Student Life StrategyIn 2023 we received a multi-million-pound investment to enhance student life at UCL. The financial backing from our parent university is recognition of the transformative effect that extra and co-curricular experiences have on students at UCL – helping them develop skills, build networks, reduce loneliness and isolation, grow in confidence, and make the most of their time at a world leading institution.

In 2021 we created a new model of support for departmental societies, working with existing non-affiliated groups and colleagues across the institution to understand how best to support the development of thriving departmental learning communities. We now have 32 affiliated groups and 5000 active members, the beginnings of a new development and awards scheme, and a clear structure for affiliation and ongoing support.

We aspire to affiliate all existing departmental societies, creating new groups where a need is identified across UCL. We want to enable thousands more students to benefit from tailored support, training, and resources, providing opportunities to develop new partnerships and create innovative activities designed to build inclusive, vibrant communities at a departmental level. Our student leaders know what their peers want, and, with the right resources and partnerships in place, they can build a real sense of belonging and pride in their cohort, bridging the gap between the academic and ‘extra-curricular’ sphere.

The Departmental Societies Manager’s job is to make this happen.

Job description

Key Requirements

Do you have passion for community development? Have you got the skills to work effectively with a wide range of stakeholders including academic departments in a higher education setting? Are you an excellent project manager with an ability to translate our vision into a reality? If the answer is yes, then we want to hear from you.

Our ideal candidate will have the skills to lead the development of a new model for the support of departmental societies across UCL that will create a hub for student life locally. The role holder will act as the main staff support for departmental societies and UCL support staff peers, ensuring our affiliated groups old and new are inclusive and expand their reach and impact on the communities they support. The particular focus of the role will be the mass affiliation of new societies across the institution and empowering these groups to deliver co-curricular events and activities that support students to feel a greater sense of belonging at UCL.

Further Details

To apply for the vacancy, please click on the “Apply” button above. Applicants should note that CVs will not be accepted and that the statement of support for application should address the selection criteria in the person specification and outline your reasons for applying.

The role is a full-time and permanent contract. This role is also a hybrid working role, working between 20% and 80% on site using an activity led approach offering staff greater flexibility.

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