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Cultural Anthropology Professor

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Division: Academic Affairs

Faculty are invited to apply to teach as part of the Verto Study Abroad Experience, which focuses on immersive learning and experiential education for first-year college students. Students earn college credits and a pathway to postsecondary education through one of Verto’s Academic Providers, the University of New Haven (Connecticut, USA). Verto is on a mission to help change higher education in positive, student-focused ways, creating new pathways to help students access college.  More information can be found at

Cultural Anthropology Faculty Position Description

Faculty will teach dynamic, engaging and experiential courses for all students participating in the Verto Experience. The successful candidates are highly motivated, student-oriented educators who will bring courses to life for students through a combination of active classroom learning and experiential field activities. Faculty must possess a strong commitment to undergraduate experiential education and be prepared to work with diverse students who are beginning their higher education journey.

Course assignments are typically 45 hours (3 US credits) or 60 hours (4 US credit) courses, depending on the course and discipline. Faculty will typically teach multiple sections of the same course, and/or multiple courses directly related to their academic field of expertise, if related courses are available. Course syllabi are developed and approved by the relevant Academic Provider, along with specific information regarding course learning outcomes, academic policies, assessment of learning, and overall expectations. Faculty will develop their own course materials, including readings, assignments, experiential learning activities, and develop and manage a course site via the Learning Management System, Canvas.

Faculty are required to provide daily class attendance records, regularly input grades in the learning management system (Canvas) following the established parts of the academic term, provide mid-term grades, and maintain highly accurate academic information related to the course and provide assessments of student learning.

Faculty Responsibilities:

  • Provide an engaging classroom experience based on the experiential learning model and structured academic activities.
  • Engage with students at different academic levels and help them connect the coursework to their experiences in and out of the classroom.
  • Collaborate with a dynamic team including Program Directors, Faculty, Academic Success Coordinators, Student Life Coordinators, and in-country partners to support students as they navigate potential challenges of a traveling program.
  • Facilitate policies and coursework in compliance with academic requirements established with Verto’s Academic Provider(s).

Qualifications & Experience

  • Master’s or terminal degree (PhD) in the field of study or a closely related field.
  • Minimum eighteen graduate credits in the field of study relevant to the course(s) of interest.
  • A minimum of one years of teaching experience, at least one year at the collegiate level.
  • Preference is given to candidates who live in London or have lived in London for a minimum of six months.
  • English fluency required.

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