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Compositor / Effects Artist / Environment Artist

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Through research, education and social engagement, Nord University contributes to the creation of a sustainable future.

In cooperation with society, business and industry in Northern and Central Norway, our 11,500 students and 1,350 staff promote innovative solutions and knowledge-based practice, both locally and internationally.

Nord University has four strategic focus areas: blue and green growth, sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship, societal security, and health, welfare and education.

The Faculty of Social Sciences (FSV) educates social scientists and professionals who meet society‚Äôs need for innovation in welfare, development and communication. The Faculty offers a PhD in Sociology. The Faculty of Social Sciences has 2,300 students and 200employees. The professional community is organised into the following divisions: Welfare and Social Relations; History, Culture and Media; Management and Innovation; and International Relations, the Circumpolar North and Environment.

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