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Associate Professor (Team Lead) in Construction Technology and Processes

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The construction industry is a defining industry in Denmark and a significant contributor to CO2 emissions. It is an industry that is exploding with innovation and advancement in terms of new digital technologies, new materials and construction methods. As team lead of the research group Construction Technology and Processes you will be at the forefront of this development – and you will contribute with research, industry collaboration and education to a sustainable development of the industry. 

The research group consists of six faculty members, who have worked with Construction Technology and Processes in academia and practice for several years. As an organizational unit the research group is young and expected to grow within the next years by addition of Postdocs and PhD students. As head of the research group, you will lead the research agenda and strategy of the group. Along with the leadership group of the department, you will build the research profile of the department. 

Responsibilities and qualifications

Through research, teaching and supervision your unit will contribute to DTU’s strategic aim towards being Europe’s best Engineering education. The research group provide courses and instruction into a number of DTU’s Bachelor in Engineering (BEng) Programmes as well as a range of continuing education formats, including Diploma Programmes. Our approach is research and development-based with a strong focus on professional practice, hands-on experience and problem solving. The pedagogical concept of the BEng programmes is based upon the internationally recognized concept CDIO. 

Your leadership is based upon deep knowledge of the construction industry and construction processes, experience with BIM, standards, design and construction management. You will take lead in academic and strategic management of construction processes, new technologies in the industry, and development of new sustainable materials and construction methods. 

You will work with nearby colleagues in the research group, in the leadership group, and with both academic and industrial partners in Denmark as well as abroad. University-industry collaboration will characterize your teaching and research, why we value practical and theoretical experience. 

Your primary tasks will be to:

  • Teach and supervise BEng and BSc student projects, and be co-supervisor for PhD students.
  • Engagement in industry-university collaboration
  • Establishing and leading the research group
  • Course responsible for courses within construction processes, construction management
  • Contributor to courses within BIM, design, standards for new constructions and renovation. 

You must be responsible for the teaching of courses. The teaching language of the department is Danish. Coming from abroad you will be expected to learn Danish and be able to teach in Danish after 3 years. DTU can provide Danish language courses. 

As formal qualification you must hold a PhD degree (or equivalent) as well as academic qualifications equivalent to those obtained by holding an assistant professorship and documented didactic/pedagogic training. 

Application procedure

Please submit your online application no later than 22 June 2022 (Danish time).

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